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If you asked founder Anthony C. Arrigo, “What’s new at Spectra”, the answer would have to be “everything”.  2017 has been a year of tremendous growth and innovation driven by multiple factors.  The addition of new team members. The development of innovative new products. The expansion of our state-of-the-art facility in Korea.  The launch of a newly designed website.  A brand new catalog.  Attendance at new trade shows with a new booth and sales materials. A soon-to-be-announced new division leader. And more to come.  What drive such dramatic growth? The same spirit that has made Spectra Medical Devices one of the largest procedural needle manufacturers in the world. A commitment to patient safety. Quality manufacturing, measuring and inspection systems.  Senior staff with over 200 years of combined needle manufacturing experience. A growing team of top notch professionals. In brief —  a commitment to excellence that just won’t quit. With so much happening at Spectra, it’s never been more important to keep our customers informed and up-to-date. To do that on a regular basis, we’ll be sending a series of emails about the latest at Spectra  — the people, products and priorities that are driving our dramatic growth.Watch for our next email filled with breaking news from Spectra.


Meet the latest members of our team.

A company is only as good as its people. And ours are extraordinary. Spectra is a comprehensive network of interconnected professionals who make our business work on every level – from product development and quality assurance to marketing and worldwide expansion. We’re pleased to introduce the latest additions to our growing team: Barry Armstrong, Ted Haggerty, Eddie Arrigo, Christine Kulisich, Mark Puopolo and Vanessa Ong. (Learn more about them)

Ted Haggerty came on board with Spectra in October 2016. Since then, Ted has literally been in control of every financial aspect of our business. Overseeing basic accounting functions, entries, financial statements, account reconciliation, preparation of financial analyses and reports, budget preparation, the review and establishment of controls and processes are just a few areas of his expertise that make him indispensable.

Eddie Arrigo isn’t new to our team, but his outstanding performance as our Customer Service Representative deserves renewed attention. Eddie’s excellent organizational and personal skills keep him on top of every matter that effects our customers. Orders, pricing and delivery dates.  Communicating with customers. Interfacing with our Korean plant to ensure on time deliveries. Incredible attention to detail and the ability to keep pace in a hectic work environment makes Eddie a key player on the Spectra team.

Vanessa Ong joined Spectra in October 2017 as our Marketing Specialist. Vanessa is here to increase awareness about the Spectra brand and to create new leads through the execution of email marketing campaigns and social media marketing. To keep up with the tremendous growth of the company, Vanessa will take over the responsibilities of liaising with our partner marketing agency to update our company website, create marketing materials such as catalogues and brochures, and prepare for tradeshows.


For ultrasound guided procedures, Spectra’s echogenic needles are state-of-the-art.  The superiorly enhanced echogenic needle tip provides clear visualization for safe and accurate needle placement. The user is able to precisely guide advance and locate the needle more efficiently. For peripheral joint injection, prostate seed implant, guidewire introduction, peripheral nerve block and Tuohy nerve block, Spectra’s echogenic design clearly outperforms the competition.


We’re very excited about our new website. The new design is attractive, sophisticated and easy to navigate. It reflects our commitment to quality in all we do. A colorful new logo on all of our communications will definitely stand out in the marketplace.

Our new catalog is a creative, comprehensive showcase for the Spectra product line of needles and instruments, tray components, tubes and fabrication.  In dramatic side-by-side comparisons of Spectra needles with competitors’ cheaper, lower quality products, the results of Spectra’s superior manufacturing procedures are obvious:

*Rounded internal and external edges that facilitate advancing and retraction without skiving, breaking or stopping.

*Elimination of dangerous protrusions at the tip or recessions at the heel.

* Optimized needle image.

* Minimized patient discomfort with maximized control.


Innovation isn’t static. It’s an ongoing process of change and improvement. In the world of medical devices, it’s what separates the leader from the followers. It’s what differentiates Spectra needles and instruments from the competition. At Spectra, innovation is always “to be continued”. We’ll keep you posted.

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