Spectra epidural needles are available in the EPI-MATCH design, featuring match-bent and match-ground bevels, as designed by Doctors Tuohy and Husted. Match-grinding the stylet and bevel as one set eliminates dangerous protrusions at the tip or recessions at the heel found with non-match-ground needles. This reduces possibility of resistance during catheter insertion and advancement, and enhances patient safety.

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Color Chart

Gauge Chart



• 510(k) cleared
• CE marked
• Cath Slide® process ensures unscathed catheter advancement and retraction
• Epi-Match® ground needles
• ISO 80369-6 compliant hubs available
• Uses highest tensile 304 stainless steel available
• Available with cm depth markings
• Weiss style available
• Single Use Disposable


• Epidural catheter placement
• Regional anesthesia
• Pain management


14 GA-25 GA
2”-6” lengths
Custom sizes available