Guidewire Introducer Needles (GWI)

Guide Glide II® is our silicone lubricated guidewire introducer needle with bevel indicator and proprietary echogenic configuration. Our unique echogenic configuration, Spectra Guide®, optimizes needle image under ultrasound guidance for accurate placement and reduces unnecessary patient trauma.

Available With:
Spectra Guide™

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Color Chart

Gauge Chart




• 510(k) cleared
• CE marked
• Uses highest tensile 304 stainless steel available
• Lubricated or non-lubricated
• Dimpled echogenic, blasted echogenic or non-echogenic
• Widest array of plastic hub styles available
• Available in A or B bevel
• Optional bevel indicator
• Seldinger, Potts Cournand, Modified Potts
• Blunt needles available
• Sterile or non-sterile


• Angiography
• Angioplasty
• PICC trays


17 GA – 22 GA
1”-7” lengths
Custom sizes available upon request