Oncology & Infusion

Our manufacturing capabilities provide you with confidence in delivering products that ensure ease and comfort in port access therapies and implantable drug delivery systems. Additionally, many of these manufacturing processes are highly automated and capable of producing the large quantities of needles needed to support this procedural area.

Oncology Products Offered

  • Huber Needles & Cannulas
    • 510(k) clearance
    • Plastic hub, metal hub or cannula only
    • Plastic hub can be color-coded
    • Straight, 45˚ or 90˚ angled and custom configurations
    • Port access & implantable drug delivery systems
  • Prostate Seed Implant Needles
    • Bevel orientation indicator helps achieve proper alignment
    • Plastic or metal hub
    • Custom sized and gauges
    • Echogenic for maximum visibility, accuracy, and control
  • Tunnelers & Trocars
    • Custom and standard sizes to meet a wide range of applications
    • Wound drainage, long term catheter placement, laparoscopic surgery