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RF Needles
RAF Shapes
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Radiofrequency (RF) Needles

Spectra Medical Devices, LLC is a leading manufacturer of radiofrequency needles, as a result of producing high-quality products and applying state-of-the-art technologies in compliance with cGMP/QSR regulations. Spectra’s RF needles can be used with various probes and generators. Spectra offers one of the widest ranges of RF needles in the industry with over 100 configurations available.

Features and Options Available:

  • 510(k) clearance
  • CE 0413 marking
  • Uses the highest tensile strength 304 stainless steel
  • Customizable gauges, needle lengths and active tip lengths
  • With or without hub
  • Straight, curved, blunt or sharp tip
  • Echogenic or non-echogenic
  • Lubricated or non-lubricated
  • Quincke bevel or lancet bevel
  • Single use, disposable


  • 16GA, 18GA, 20GA, 21GA, 22GA
  • Lengths: 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm
  • Active Tip Lengths: 4 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm (custom sizes available upon request)


  • Radiofrequency lesioning
  • Angioplasty
  • PICC


  • Seldinger, Potts-Cournand or Modified Potts

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